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Letter From The Talent Agent

Hello, my name is Sonya Marturano and I’ve been a talent agent for almost 23 years.In that time, I have worked for a few different agencies, including my own. I also ran my own acting studio for a time, where I worked with many young actors in developing them for stage and screen.I have been

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What Is A Talent Agent?

Let’s talk about what a Talent Agent is and what they do.An agent’s responsibility is to help find work for your child and for negotiating the terms of their employment. Your agent will keep their eye out for roles that would be suitable for your child and will contact the casting directors to submit them

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What Makes A Good Talent Agent?

Choosing the right Talent Agent for you and your child can be difficult.It takes a tremendous love for the performing arts to decide to take on the responsibility to take care of other people’s careers.Having worked as an agent for over twenty-three years I can honestly say I still LOVE my job. Not many people