Choosing the right Talent Agent for you and your child can be difficult.

It takes a tremendous love for the performing arts to decide to take on the responsibility to take care of other people’s careers.

Having worked as an agent for over twenty-three years I can honestly say I still LOVE my job. Not many people I know have been involved in a career where they still love doing the same thing over and over. I think what helps is that you build great lasting relationships with parents, casting directors, producers & directors.

Believe it or not, us agents also make friends with other agents! Yes as crazy as that may sound most of us actually talk to each other. It’s a very small industry; the greatest advice I can give you is to be careful not to burn your bridges.

If you haven’t had a great experience with an agency it’s best to leave politely and not to bad mouth your previous agent to the next one. Always move on to something new with a fresh positive attitude.

When you are looking for an agency for your child, it’s best to look at their website and see who they represent. Most good agencies will have some recognisable faces on their books this could be the sign of a good agency with working actors.

It’s very important to have a great relationship with your child’s agent, as they will be helping you build your child’s’ career.
How do you get in touch with an agent?

If you don’t already have an agency in mind you may want to check out the agents’ list for your state on the MEAA’s website.

Once you have your list of agents start sending out an email. This email should be brief, introducing yourself and a little bit about your child. Attach a recent CV / Bio and include some recent shots (these don’t have to be professional shots).

Most agents these days request a video (this could be a monologue or if the child is younger, just a 2 min chat to the camera is enough). Once you have sent this gives the agent a few weeks to reply. If you haven’t heard anything in that time maybe follow it up with a phone call.

Don’t pester the agent, if they are interested in your child believe me, they WILL contact you. Remember they get dozens of email requests for representation on a daily basis. I have always said to parents that an Agent is like a Hairdresser or a Doctor, there are many of them, but you will find the right one for you.