Let’s talk about what a Talent Agent is and what they do.

An agent’s responsibility is to help find work for your child and for negotiating the terms of their employment. Your agent will keep their eye out for roles that would be suitable for your child and will contact the casting directors to submit them for auditions. Once your child lands a job then your agent will negotiate your contracts and make sure the terms and conditions are met.

Most agents will have an agency agreement that you will sign when they accept your child into their agency. This will be a legally binding agreement, which will allow them to negotiate on your child’s behalf. Agents are usually paid a percentage of your negotiated fees for each job, which can be from 10 – 15 percent.

When you are starting out in the entertainment business with your child you will need an Agent, not a manager or a publicist.

Once your child builds a body of work (CV) then other Agents & Managers will most likely approach you. Managers and Publicists are great if and when you have something to manage and publicize.

When your child has started to attract bigger offers and builds a name for themselves it will be important for you to have people guiding your child in financial matters, negotiations, making the right decisions with projects, helping your child stay in the public eye. This is usually the time when you need to look for a manager.

Most managers won’t consider taking on a client without some kind of experience but if you have an absolute stand out talented child this could be an exception. If your child’s career reaches a point where they need a personal manager, you will more than likely be approached by one in no time!

Until then you are perfectly capable of managing your child’s career on your own with the guidance of your agent.

If you child is super talented your agent may contact a few managers to team up with them in building your child’s career. They will usually come to an agreement with each other and split the commissions of your child’s earnings. When this happens, they will usually structure a plan and work towards it building a team around your child.