Hello, my name is Sonya Marturano and I’ve been a talent agent for almost 23 years.
In that time, I have worked for a few different agencies, including my own. I also ran my own acting studio for a time, where I worked with many young actors in developing them for stage and screen.
I have been working with Random Management since 2009.. Random is an agency for both adults and kids owned by the Morrissey Management Group. Our focus at Random is developing our talent and helping them break into the Film & Television industries.
After many years of interviewing kids and parents that are looking for representation, I’ve found that parents are simply not informed about the world of entertainment and how to go about helping their children reach their dreams.
They often rely on information they get through other parents, or finding auditions online in the hopes that their child will get discovered. Not knowing where to start is often the biggest problem. There are many schools, classes, and workshops, just like there seem to be endless agencies. Knowing which one is right for your child can be daunting.
Many parents, understandably, will go through an agency where someone they know has secured work. They do this in the hope that their child will achieve the same.
It can often end up being a very costly experience with many disappointments and broken promises.
That’s why I’ve started this blog. I want to help pass on information and direction to families searching for where to go and what to do. I have my own children who are involved in the entertainment business. I know very well what it’s like to be a parent. I know the sacrifices we will make to give our kids the opportunities to help them succeed.
Warm Regards – Sonya Marturano